Rebuilding Broken Lives

Welcome to the Men's Hope Home

The Men's Hope Home is a faith-based addiction rehab & recovery program. This intensive, long-term, residential program is a discipleship-based recovery program. Discipleship includes Bible study, prayer groups, and service to God. The program also provides home counseling, life skills, and job training. At the Hope Home, men are discovering their God-given destiny and are rebuilding their lives.


Our Mission

The Men’s Hope Home exists to provide men who are bound by addiction, a way of escape by God’s grace, while constructing productive and Godly lives through faith in and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The men’s Hope Home is a residential addiction recovery program. We have been in place locally for five years and many successful graduates have found freedom from their addiction and a return to productive and faith-filled lives. The participants become eligible for graduation after between nine and twelve months in the program. While similar secular residential programs may cost several tens of thousands of dollars, the Men’s Hope Home program is entirely free of charge to the participants. All housing, food, transportation and basic needs are provided. Many men with addiction also have criminal records. Only those with violent or sexually related convictions are disqualified. Many men have participated and finished with the cooperation of parole or probation supervision. Men are admitted based upon their own desire for healing. Those who present solely at the insistence of a parent, spouse, significant other or child are not considered for admission.

The curriculum consists of intensive Christian spiritual training, adherence to a well defined daily schedule, participation in several local faith-based addiction recovery groups and mentoring by senior participants over the junior. An emphasis is placed on discipleship training and Biblical study. The midday is occupied with work-service projects. Many new skills are taught to the men through the work-service program including construction skills, farming and landscaping. Our men are also formally engaged in individual professional Christian Counseling, again at no charge to them. Finally, the men are taught personal financial skills and responsibility. No man is graduated without arrangements first made for housing, employment and continued accountability. Occasionally this can include the provision of their own vehicle.


Attention Men: Are you ready to transform and rebuild your life?


Our Initiatives

The Hope Foundation of Binghamton has three arms of outreach. Each arm is directed at a different group in our community. We serve women struggling with addiction or confronting an unplanned pregnancy. The Men's Home provides services to men with addiction and destroyed lives. For the Children cares for children in the foster care system by offering an unforgettable summer camp experience.

Hope Foundation
Hope Foundation

The Hope Foundation of Binghamton promotes lasting change for our communities and those experiencing hardship by enriching and equipping individuals and families in crisis and then empowering them to give back to others in need.

Women's Hope Home
Women's Hope Home

The Women's Hope Home provides an environment and guidance for radical life change available to women suffering from addiction or facing an unplanned pregnancy.

For The Children
For the Children

Children in the foster care system are offered an enriching summer camp experience.

The Program

The program consists of two parts:

Discipleship Bible Study, Attendance at church, Service to God.

Counseling, Life Skills and Job Training

The Program




"For five years, my life was chaos and I had no purpose. After prison, I decided to come to the Hope Home. I allowed Jesus to mold and shape me. Now, I have purpose and direction. I am walking with God daily." ~ Tyrell


"In the Hope Home, I learned that God loves me, even accepting me for who I am with all my faults. I have been given the gift of freedom from my addiction. I became accountable to myself, my friends and my God. Now, I can better myself and better my service to others." ~ Ritchie




"Over three years ago, I was addicted to alcohol, divorced, unemployed, lost and hopeless. At the Hope Home, I found freedom. I encountered God's love for me and my life has completely changed. I am new!" ~ Matt


"The Hope Home provided me with a safe and healthy environment to correct my relationship with God and untangle the issues that led to addiction. A group of true Christians showed me how to work out my faith with love and compassion. Now I have healing, freedom and a new life." ~ George

Support our Mission

Are you interested in helping these men rebuild their lives?

We can use the help. Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.

  1. Food and Clothing Donations: These can be dropped off at Two Rivers Church office, located at 1 Chrisfield Ave. in Johnson City during business hours or contact us and we can pick it up. A gift card to a local retail store is also a great way to help. These men work full-time doing construction work and farming work. We can take them shopping to get boots and work clothes.
  2. Money Donations: If you have the ability and desire to contribute financially you can do so by
    • Mail. Please make check payable to Binghamton Hope Foundation, Inc., 1 Chrisfield Ave., Johnson City, NY 13790.
    • Text a donation to us. For example text "$20.00" to (607)225-6400 and you will be directed to a secure site to enter credit card information.


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To date we have raised $85,000 of our $250,000 goal.

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Should you need assistance, please call us at (607) 222-0786.